Ninja Gaiden went all ninja in this picture!!I have a short video game attention span. I don’t think it stems from boredom, at least not usually. I will normally reach a certain point in the game then OH MAN TRIPLE-A ZELDA TITLE COMES OUT!!! By the time I finish the new game (if another game didn’t come out in the meantime), I’m so far removed from the previous game that I feel the only way to reengage in the story and gameplay is by restarting. I can’t remember how many times I would pick up a game and forget the controls or where to go next…

Take Pokémon for example. I literally played Pearl up to the Elite Four then… stopped. I like Pokémon, so why would I do that? The same thing happened with Pokémon White 2. I stopped after getting past the final gym. I guess story happened without my knowledge since I was completely lost when I went back to the game. I think there was a boat? Was that the last game? I couldn’t remember…

I picked up Pokémon Y without beating White 2. It felt wrong to play the next game in the franchise (even though I get nothing through its completion), so I went back and muddled my way through White 2. The problem is now I have no idea where I am in Y. I think I have one badge at this point? I have a Charizard, so that’s something. Some may argue that’s all you really need.

This disease isn’t just for Pokémon. I’ve run into similar issues with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. If I can’t play as the Grail Mercenaries, then I’m not playing! I’ll admit I did go back and complete it, though only after being goaded into doing so by my brothers.

Illusion of Gaia. I got past a pirate ship. What is it with boats? Is that why I quit these games?

Harvest Moon. Bought a flower and don’t have any money. Can’t figure out how to get money. Gave up.

The Lost Vikings. Forgot my password. Then forgot what level I was on. Forgot about the game until now.

Popful Mail. Sega CD. Didn’t feel like setting it up.

Final Fantasy VII. Umm…  I think I entered Cloud’s name?

Mega Man X Command Mission.

3D Dot Game Heroes.

Batman: Arkham Asylum.

These are all good games!!

Aside from new games coming out, I ran into the problem of becoming an adult. As a child, my source of new games came from either playing at a friend’s house, the local video rental store, waiting until a birthday, or Christmas and Easter. I didn’t get an allowance for my chores, meaning I didn’t have the finances to buy games myself.

When I got a job, I found the available time/finances dynamic completely reversed.   I decided, like any responsible adult, the obvious step was to stock up on games to play when time became available. Now that set the whole new-game-distraction thing into overdrive: as soon as I started a game, another one would arrive from Amazon! Naturally, I’d test the game, which led to reading the story, getting sucked into the mythos of the game, and hey, is that another box from Amazon?


No, I’m done with that.

Once I moved into my new place last November, I got a good look at the collection I had already amassed. That January, I decided my New Year’s resolution would be to stick with one game until its completion before moving to the next one.

That’s where this blog comes into play!

Previously, I would take pictures of the television screen with my iPhone as “proof” of beating a particular game of my choosing, and then post it to my Facebook. With Facebook photos, though, you can only post so much of a description before the reader has to click Continue Reading.., at which point they have to assess whether they are engrossed enough in a static image of a twenty year old game to ignore the rest of the posts on their wall.

Think of this blog as Phase II. I realized through the past few months that I have been able to stick to my resolution and wanted to do more with it.

I want to post more of my observations. The crazy things that happened while trying to finish the game. Keep in mind, there will be spoilers on here, though I will try to include some way to filter out the ending. I want readers to find games they have never played before and get them interested enough to play it for themselves, and part of that is experiencing the ending themselves. Most importantly, I want to connect with others of a similar mind for Phase III.

A few of my friends resolved to commit random acts of kindness. I took part in several acts of kindness toward others, but I figured why not combine my personal resolution with the group resolution? Phase III, with date yet to be determined, is to set up a live stream charity event akin to the now famous Mario Marathon and Awesome Games Done Quick.

I think I can do a lot of good with this plan and hope you spread the word. I already have about thirty games completed since I started this project, so I have a lot to work with. I’m not just doing game reviews, though. I have plenty of video game related stories I want to share, so stay tuned!

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  1. I really like your your marathon idea for charity! And you are determined to reach your goal. To help you keep on track with your goal, Starting today, I will donate one dollar toward the Wounded Warriors Project. I know a dollar isn’t much and I wish I could give more. But I’m hoping this would motivate you to beat more games!! I wish you the best of luck and I dare say that I challenge you to best last year recorded! Good Luck!

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