Finished!! – 2048

System: iOS
Company: Gabriele Cirulli
Year: 2014

Completed: June 8, 2014

Dear 2048,

I remember how we were introduced. A mutual friend told me about you, and being the fan of puzzle games that I am, I downloaded you from the app store. I never played a game on the iOS before and had reservations about it, but decided to do it based on the insistence of our friend.

We were inseparable. We spent hours together, sometimes staying up late on the phone to be with one another. You seemed so complex! You would frustrate me at times, and I accepted that as part of your charm. There were good times when we would laugh over a silly mistake, the exuberating joy when a new high score was achieved, and of course finding that 2048 tile.

That was then. I was young and didn’t know what I wanted out of my iOS games. Now I’ve matured and want more from a mobile device.

Please don’t misunderstand: you did nothing wrong. My attraction was more superficial, owed mostly to my fascination with numbers and patterns. I may have been trying to convince myself that we worked well together, but in a moment of clarity, I realized the experience was pretty shallow. I found myself sliding tiles left and right repeatedly, occasionally sliding down to progress the game, and you still let me win. For the most part, we were just going through the motions to convince others.

The feeling of excitement and anticipation when starting a new game can blind us to the truth. I can’t think of a nicer way to say this, so I’ll just say it:

It’s over.

You may have noticed that I have not been contacting you as much. Every now and then we would get together, just to see if there was still anything there. I don’t feel that spark, that excitement anymore.

You have the potential to create a wonderful gaming experience with someone else. Just because we didn’t work out doesn’t mean you are a bad game. I just need something more meaningful. I need to make me happy.

On the same token, I refuse to forget about you completely. I will always carry you around with me, as well as the memories and high scores we had.

But seriously, stop sending me push notifications begging me to come back. It makes you look desperate. I am not coming back.

Game on, 2048,

This will never be the new Tetris. You may download it for free, but… eh.

My arbitrary score based on nothing is a President’s Day out of Christmas.

He didn't respond in twenty seconds?!  Send another!!

He didn’t respond in twenty seconds?! Send another!!

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